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Connecting people who want to give directly with people in need. 


Dedicated to change.

Frmtoo, means "From" me "to" you  and is a platform that enables direct financial assistance, project based giving and peer-to-peer support.

This is a place where we upload stories of people we meet that are in need of help. People who want to make a contribution to making lives better can support directly. Through campaigns on this website and through pre-paid gift cards connected to a mobile app, we list a number of projects with families that need help with different things such as renovating their homes, providing for a child’s education, or supporting them to buy decent food.

 100% of your support goes to people in need.

A narrow alley between houses in the Zarqa Refugee Camp, Jordan.

A narrow alley between houses in the Zarqa Refugee Camp, Jordan.


The Yalla Al Kheir! Campaign - Live

The Yalla Give! Campaign - Complete

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted
— Aesop

Help people.
Support job creation.


We want to help. And we also want to create and support jobs.

Therefore, we try to source the suppliers who complete the Frmtoo projects inside or close to the refugee camps. This creates the Frmtoo Marketplace - check it out! 


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