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When visiting a lady who only had a curtain as a front door, a question popped up in our minds: how does someone feel safe at night, protecting their family, when the only thing between them and the outside world is a piece of textile? While most of us has a front door to protect our valuables, many just want to be able to sleep well at night, feeling safe. This is why we want to fix doors.

To promote economic opportunity and support job creation, we are partnering with local handymen to carry out the work of producing and installing these doors. In the Frmtoo Marketplace, we are building a group of handymen that we can tap into whenever we need help to carry out and complete the projects. 

 Stories of doors we want to fix.  


Um Mohammed's Bathroom Door. 

Um Mohammed's Door
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Um and Abu Mohammed is an elderly couple who lives together with their son and their family. While the house is clean and tidy, their bathroom, which only has a squat toilet, is not suitable for elderly people and the door is a structure made with a few wooden planks and a zinc sheet. With your support, in addition to renovating the bathroom, we will also install a proper bathroom door that can withstand wind, sun and rain since their courtyard is totally exposed (not covered).

Location: Gaza Refugee Camp

Project Initiator: Ekhlas Harahsheh