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Accessing Water.



We have so many luxuries around us that we take for granted. Like turning on the tap to find clean water! While of course, the people of Jordan are blessed to have water (although Jordan is one of the poorest countries in the world when it comes to water!), for a lot of Jordanians, accessing it can be a challenge. That includes having troubles with their water tanks… did it ever cross your mind that families who live in houses with zinc roofs cannot put their water tanks on top of the roof because it cannot handle the weight of the tank? Instead, they must place tanks next to their entrances, or on unstable steel structures. Or what about pipes that leak or freeze in winter. Or how about low water pressure due to the wrong placement of the tanks. Or just being unable to pay their monthly water bills… for some, challenges can be many!

Here, we have collected stories of families that needed help with accessing water. It could as simple as fixing a few pipes, or buying a new water tank. Surely, water and access to it, should be a right for all people on this planet!

Wafa’s Water Tank.



Wafa did not even have a water tank but had to carry water from her neighbours



Now Wafa can enjoy water in her house!


Out of all the people we meet on our visits to the camps across Jordan, Wafa’s story is one of the ones that have touched us the most. A divorced lady that was not able to conceive in her younger years has now been left to living alone without support. Wafa tries to provide for herself by selling sweets next to a nearby school but income is incredibly sparse. The house where she lives belongs to a relative and very little efforts are being made by the family to install even the most basic amenities such as a water tank. With the support from the Frmtoo community, we are so happy to have had the chance to help Wafa by installing a tank for her!

Location: Gaza Refugee Camp

Project Initiator: Ekhlas Harahsheh


Um Ahmed’s Water Tank.



Um Ahmed’s Water Tank was broken and on the ground



A new water tank and steel structure was installed



Um Ahmed’s husband passed away in the second quarter of 2018 and she was left alone to support three girls and a boy. The boy, who is the oldest, is studying and working at a sweets factory (carrying and loading raw material) to try to make ends meet. We have been helping the family with their roof, walls, kitchen and doors and what now remains is the family’s water access.

Location: Gaza Refugee Camp

Project Initiator: Hanan Askar