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For many under-privileged families, bread is the most important part of their diet. Often eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a family of 7 people can easily consume 2 kilos of bread a day ($1.4).

This translates into $42 a month which often constitutes a sizable part of a family’s monthly expenses. And if you happen to have a family member that is diabetic, like the Abu Jamous family in the Gaza Refugee Camp, whose 10-year old daughter, Majd, needs special bread and diet, this puts an additional strain on the family.

Frmtoo is partnering up with a lady who has been volunteering in the Gaza Refugee Camp for the past 10 years. She came up with a way to give families bread coupons as a way to help them on a monthly basis. At a local bakery, families can then cash in the coupons in return for bread.

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Bread Coupons.

Bread Coupons
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