Yalla give!

Direct Giving.


Without a Middle Man
You are in total control of where your donation goes by selecting the stories that matter to you


Decent Food on the Table

Know where your money is being spent with supermarket gift cards

Owning Your Own Home

Helping people own their own home to avoid expensive rents

The Dreams of a Child

To go to school like everyone else is what Zeid wishes for

Payment of Electricity Bills

So that families can have their lights on at night without interruptions

Here we outline the stories where you are able to contribute directly to people in need. This is done through the use of mobile wallets, where we have set up a Frmtoo ZainCash wallet to accept and distribute contributions. We are now able to reach people in need directly, without having to donate through organizations. 

Simply select a Story above and press "Sponsor this". Your donation will be deposited into the Frmtoo Mobile Wallet account and from there transferred directly to the family in need (excluding supermarket gift cards which will be distributed in person to families that struggle with making ends meet).