Yalla give!

Project Based Giving.


This is where we come together to fix a project using the Frmtoo Handymen to implement various projects. 


Simply select a story below and your donation will go towards completing that particular project. 


Simply select a Story below and press "Sponsor this".

As this is a version of Crowdfunding, the projects will remain outstanding until the  necessary funding has been achieved. 

Fixing a Roof

We are on a mission to fix roofs in Zarqa Refugee Camp

Fixing Doors

Helping people feel safe by installing new doors

Life's Little Things

We want to renovate the Golden Age Home's Garden

Pleasure of Cooking

Installing small practical kitchen cupboards and counters


Curious about the handymen completing these projects?

To create economic opportunities within the communities we operate, we select a number of handymen we contract with to complete the projects. Check out the Frmtoo Marketplace for more info!