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A roof over your head.



Many years ago, after a visit to the Baqa'a Refugee Camp in Jordan, it was a real eye-opener to the fact that there are families who suffer incredibly in the winter as their roofs leak and lets in cold air, causing sickness as a result. What so many of us take for granted, having a roof over your head, is a blessing many does not share. This lies at the heart of Frmtoo, our mission to fix roofs.

Despite Jordan being a relatively hot country, rain and cold temperatures is very common in the winter. For a period of about 4 months of the year, many families struggle with flooding, cold winds, humidity and leaking roofs.

We want to try and make a difference, installing zinc roofs that serves the purpose of keeping rain out. Below are examples of families we would like to help. While we can extend cash contributions to these families, we feel that helping them install a new roof, as opposed to giving outright cash, not only ensures that donations are properly spent, but it is also charity wrapped with dignity. 

A few stories of roofs we have fixed. 

Um Mohammed’s Roof.



A roof that wasn’t even a roof…



Now Um Mohammed can enjoy a winter without having a flooded house


Um Wissam’s Roof.



Um Wissam is an older lady with a husband (88 years) who who is no longer working. They (Beit Abu Riziq) have four children in the ages of 24 to 35 years. One son is in prison and the family has very limited income at the moment. The roof of their house has large gaps, particularly in the kitchen area and the entire roof (about 100 square meters) needs to be replaced. While the whole house is in need of renovation, the roof is particularly bad and needs changing now. We want to help.

Location: Gaza Refugee Camp

Project Initiator: Hanan Askar


Um Ahmed’s Roof.



A leaking roof with parts of it still being asbestos sheets!



New bearing walls and zinc sheets


Um Ahmed’s husband passed away three months ago (Q2 2018) and she was left alone to support three girls and a boy. The boy, who is the oldest is studying and working at a sweets factory (carrying and loading raw material) to try to make ends meet. The state of their roof is appalling, leaking when it rains, and during a day of sunshine, we could see through the wholes in the roof. The kitchen is appalling and with roof insulation material used including asbestos, the smell of dangerous chemicals is obvious. While the son is bringing in some money to support, renovating the house is not realistic for Um Ahmed. We want to change that roof!

Location: Gaza Refugee Camp

Project Initiator: Hanan Askar

Um Abdo's Roof.




Um Abdo is a widower and mother of 5, having her daughter in law with three children living with them, in total 8 people in the house. The house is for them and they don’t pay rent. With a living room, kitchen and basic toilet downstairs and a bedroom upstairs, the connecting area between these is completely open, exposed to weather and wind. Without work and very basic income from the social welfare, putting money towards anything other than bare necessities is out of the question. With no support from the rest of the family, we want to help.

Location: Zarqa Refugee Camp

Project Initiator: Jenny Atout Ahlzen