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What have we done so far.


We are an initiative run by volunteers

and we have already been able to achieve some very cool things…

check out a few examples below!


Visiting Gaza Refugee Camp


Gaza Refugee Camp is one of the worst places we have visited. Information about Gaza can be found to the right. 

What strikes us as we visit the camp in the outskirts of Jerash is the misery that these people have been living in for more than 50 years.

Rusty roofs, many still made of asbestos sheets or corrugated zinc, poor sanitation and harsh weather makes life in the Gaza Refugee Camp particularly difficult.


We are determined to try and make their lives a little bit easier but volunteer work in this camp is not easy. Therefore we partner with experienced volunteers with contacts inside the camp to help us navigate and deliver services.

Below are some before and after pictures of a roof we changed for Um Ahmed, a Gaza Refugee Camp resident.

Data source: UNRWA website 



date of establishment


lives in an area that is the size of 30 football fields



in the camp has no access to health insurance


of residents live below the poverty live

Visiting Zarqa Refugee Camp


Zarqa Refugee Camp is one of many places we have visited on our quest to make a difference. Information about the camp can be found to the right. 

What strikes us as we visit these places is that the people we meet are humans, just like you and me.

Um Mohammed who lives in a tiny house with 4 kids and a husband that sells juice in the street wants to have a nice home and a house to be proud of too! She decorates and cleans to the best of her ability and buys what she can afford.


We purchased some paint and donated it to Um Mohammed and many other families. Below you can see the before and after pictures together with other Frmtoo projects. While not perfect, Um Mohammed's home is now much more presentable than before.

The feeling of seeing the pride in her eyes as she showed us what she did with the paint we gave and textiles she purchased is one of the reasons why we continue to do what we do...

The cost of making a difference for Um Mohammed: $70.

 Data Source: UNRWA website



date of establishment


lives in an area that is the size of 30 football fields



in the camp has no access to health insurance


of residents live below the poverty live

The use of Mobile Wallets makes giving easy. 


Today we have access to technology that we have never been able to access before. And when it comes to helping people in need, we think it should be easier to reach people than having to go in person and hand out cash. 

With technology, we can now donate money with mobile wallets.  Setting up wallets for the people in need means that we can now reach them directly for the first time. 

Where less than half of the population has a bank account, the vast majority of them have mobile phones. By teaming up with Jordan's payment service providers, opening mobile wallets for the people behind the Frmtoo stories, we are also promoting financial inclusion.

Through our efforts, we have discovered that it feels good to help others.

Join the Tribe today!

Featured below is the before and after pictures of fixing a front door to a house which is neighboring a butcher shop.

After installing a new door (contracting with Abu Mutasem, a local blacksmith), there are no more rats, cockroaches or foul smells in the house and the owner, Um Ahmed, can now protect what she holds dear - her family.

Cost: $170.

Um Ahmed's door is a perfect example where mobile wallet technology can enable us to help Um Ahmed by contracting with a local blacksmith, transferring the cost of the door to Abu Mutasem using mobile wallets and creating jobs in underprivileged areas in the process.



mobile wallets enable direct giving

It doesn't have to cost a fortune to make a difference. 


Um Mohammed and Um Omar outside a home as we visit families in zarqa, Jordan

With relatively small means, we are able to make tangible improvements in these peoples lives.

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to donate to projects that need large sums of money. If you have $100 to give, what difference can it make to a project that needs e.g. $30,000? 

At Frmtoo, we have the option to focus on the small things. Your $100 can renovate the walls of a house, or feed a whole family for a month. And you know where your money goes.

No more blind pool donations to organizations with expensive overheads. 




With the option to either donate directly to families in need, or be part of a project where we pool contributions together, there are several ways to help

Instead of receiving countless gifts you do not need at your weeding, why not let your family and friends donate on your behalf to those in need? Or instead of giving your clients another chocolate box as an end-of-year corporate give away, why not instead let them select a Frmtoo story to donate to?

It is time we join forces and make a difference together, so join us on this incredible journey today...


Frmtoo in Action!