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Painting Walls.



It is amazing what a little color can do to give a small, simple home a real face lift! Distributing paint was one of the first things we did when we started Frmtoo because with relatively small means, families felt a real improvement in their homes.

Painting is also something that most people can do on their own without having to hire expensive third party handymen. True, many walls are in need to professional care to repair and remove mold, but for under-privileged families, such “luxuries” are often not available and at the end of the day, any small improvement is better than the current situation.

We are distributing paint and brushes to families across Jordan to add a bit of freshness and color to their lives!

Um Subhi’s Walls



Significant mould damage



Room feels much lighter and cleaner

painting walls.JPG

Um Ahmed’s Walls

um ahmeds walls 2.JPG


Walls need fixing



Light & Bright



Um Ahmed’s husband passed away in the second quarter of 2018 and she was left alone to support three girls and a boy. The boy, who is the oldest, is studying and working at a sweets factory (carrying and loading raw material) to try to make ends meet. The state of their roof is appalling, leaking when it rains, and during a day of sunshine, we could actually see through the wholes in the roof. While the son is bringing in some money to support, renovating the house is not realistic for Um Ahmed. With the help of Frmtoo supporters, we have started working on Um Ahmed’s roof and we would love to also have the chance to re-paint her walls when the roof is finished.

Location: Gaza Refugee Camp

Project Initiator: Hanan Askar