The Yalla Give! Campaign

Yalla Give! is the name of the campaign where we support people in need. You are in total control of where your donation goes by selecting the stories that matter to you. This is where we come together to either fix a project by contracting with local suppliers (the Frmtoo Handymen) or support directly through direct giving. Simply select a story below and your donation will go towards completing that particular project.


Making Life a Bit Easier


Accessing water

Helping families by fixing their water supply


Fixing doors

Helping people feel safe by installing new doors


The pleasure of cooking

Installing standard but practical kitchen cupboards


Life's simple pleasures

Renovating the Golden Age Home's Garden


A roof over your head

We are on a mission to fix roofs for people in need across Jordan

um ahmeds walls 2.JPG

Adding color to life

Helping families by repainting their homes


Owning your own home

Helping people own their own home to avoid expensive rents

Helping Our Little Ones


The dreams of a child

To go to school like everyone else is what Zeid and so many other children wish for


Helping those that are unwell

Here we support children that need special medications

The Food We Eat


Bread coupons

Help families in need to buy their daily bread

shooping cart.jpg

Decent food on the table

Know where your money is being spent with supermarket gift cards