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Help people put decent food on the table.


Making ends meet is a struggle for so many families. With limited to no income, insufficient welfare benefits, rents to pay and often forced to spend money on healthcare, food, while a necessity, often comes at the bottom on the list of expenses for these families.

We regularly see malnourished children with dark circles under their eyes and wonder what sort of food they actually eat. While we do not see hunger and starvation, the quality of the food is highly questionable. A diet often consisting of rice and noodles, occasional chicken feet, low on vegetables and fruits, is not enough for a child that is growing, or a woman that is expecting.

There is a simple way to help these families. Supermarket gift cards in various denominations can be used by the family to buy what they need. Sameh Mall is a supermarket chain with 14 branches across Amman, many located in underprivileged areas. What is great about this place is that it does not sell any type of alcohol or tobacco products, ensuring us that the money we donate is properly spent.

Here you can help these families directly through the use of gift cards. These will be distributed by the Frmtoo team during our next trip to the refugee camps.


Make a difference now!

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